Groom | Hair and Body | FORTIFYING CONDITIONER 120 ML


21 $

The brand new GROOM Conditioner is here!

Hair conditioner packed with innovative, natural key-ingredients. Discover the benefits of this intense repair treatment that instantly reveals the full potential of your hair.

Between frequent visits at the barbershop, caps & other headgear and the eventual thinning, men’s hair often lives a tough life.

Restoring its full glory is easy peasy for the GROOM conditioner. Rich in vegetable-derived key ingredients, essential amino acids and rice-protein extract, it provides a powerful repairing and fortifying effect to hair.

Hempseed oil and jojoba extracts work together to deeply moisturize your scalp. 

The result is better, brighter looking hair the moment you step out of the shower.

This potent formulation is efficient in small doses.

Light and fresh scent of citrus zest and garden herbs.

Free of SLS, silicones, parabens and quats.

Use: Massage into clean, wet hair. Leave in for a few moments, then rinse.