Groom | Hair and Body | FORTIFYING SHAMPOO


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The brand new GROOM Shampoo is here!Gentle, natural and suited for all hair types. Our shampoo lathers generously and smells fantastic; a true pleasure of the senses. Its fortifying key-ingredients provide body and softness to the hair. A difference you will notice from day one.
Instead of generic shampoos made of synthetic ingredients, experience the powerful, high-end effect of natural ingredients.
To our coconut and sugar-cane base we have added rice-protein extracts, which are true allies of your hair. They act at the microscopic level on the scales of the hair to provide volume, brightness and softness.
Your scalp is also in for a treat : fine clay brings a gentle cleansing action, while jojoba and aloe extracts have a moisturizing effect.
This is a concentrated gel, very intuitive to use. A small amount is all you need for your daily dose.
Light and fresh scent of citrus zest and garden herbs.
Free of SLS, silicones, parabens and quats.Use: Lather on wet hair. Massage into scalp, then rinse.