That'So | Spray Tan | Glam Body Mousse 150ml

Glam Body Mousse 150ml

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The That'so Glam Body Dark foam is intensely moisturizing for a long-lasting tan result. Apply it after bathing, showering or depilation for deeply moisturized and soothed skin. Its foam formula requires the use of a tanning mitt for an easy application and a result that meets your expectations that will last from 3 to 4 days. The That'so Glam Body Dark contains sugar cane extract for an amazing and golden tan. The formula is also made with bronzer food pigment for an immediate and intense tan without any risks for the skin. It also contains PROTEASYL, a vegetable complex able to fight elastic tissue degradation. The That'so Glam Body Dark is the perfect combination with a tanning product and a moisturizing lotion.